Is the domain available?

It's not possible to register a domain already in use. But don't get discouraged if what you're looking for is already taken. Try using the domain search to find a domain suiting your needs. If the domain search shows "available", it's good to go.

Who can order?

You must be at least 18 years of age for ordering top-level domains.

How should the domain be written?

A domain may consist of numbers and letters, but no spaces or special characters.

Can I choose whatever word I'd like?

Basically: Yes, as long as it's available. However, there are rules about which names you can register, such as brand names, trademarks and product names. You should be careful about registering domain names which you may not have rights to. A company may have legal rights to the domain name you want. Other than this, you can register whatever domain you'd like. 

A handful of top-level domains have restrictions on them, which means you only can purchase them if you meet certain criteria or have an authorization (some examples are .gov, .edu and .mil). But most extensions are available to everyone.

Owner change

Sometimes, you may have to change the owner of a domain. Maybe someone is buying your domain directly from you. Both current and upcoming owner must accept/approve the owner change. We'll help you with this!

Click here to get started with owner change.

Domain search

Want to know if a domain is available for registration? Use our domain search engine to find a domain! It's the start of a great journey.

Price list

We provide more than 400 top-level domain extensions. Look at our price list.