We make it easy for web developers to get their sites up and off the ground. Having a website is very important these days. A lot of potential customers are searching the World Wide Web for products and prices before making a decision of buying a product or service. Studies show that about 80% of us search the Internet before deciding to buy something. (Source: Omega Media). This means it's more important than ever to be visible and present on the Internet. The first step to success and potential customers is: A website.

How to start building a website?

Keep reading on this page, and we will give you some good advice.


What is your purpose with the website?

A good preparation before developing a website is planning how you would like to use it. What is your goal? Is it to:

  • make sure your potential customers have a place to contact you by email or contact form?
  • make sure potential customers will visit your physical store?
  • spread information about your products/services?
  • provide a webshop for potential customers?

The questions above play a huge role in which platform you will use for your website. To make it easy for you, we'll split this into three categories: 

1: Small websites

These are websites with less than 20 pages. Typical content on this kind of website are:

  • A frontpage
  • Some subpages with information about your products or services
  • "About us"
  • "Contact us"

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2: Bigger websites

These are websites with more than 20 subpages, a complete website with all relevant and detailed information your customer wants. Your goal should be to choose this category if Internet and your website will be one of your most important areas in your business. 

3: Webshop

A webshop requires a robust web hosting solution. The webshop is a critical part of your business, and you should invest in stability and reliability. We recommend choosing the very best web hosting package when your web site is an important part of your daily business operations.

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