SSL sertificate

Better security and Google rankings

SSL sertificate for your website

The sertificate confirms the validity of your site

Information registered in forms on your website gets encrypted

SSL boosts your rankings at Google

Your site will get a HTTPS address

We make it easy for you - you just have to select a sertificate for your needs

Domain validated SSL

  • OV sertifikat
  • Good choice for simple websites with a need for encryption of contact forms and similar
  • Activation within 2 days
  • Encryption of website traffic (https://)
  • Domain information in the certificate
  • Normal price: 380,- / year
  • Starting offer: Save 50%
    Just kr. 190,- the first year

Organization validated SSL

  • OV sertifikat
  • Good choice for websites and webshops to secure customer information
  • Activation within one week
  • Encryption of website traffic (https://)
  • Domain information in the certificate
  • Organization name in the certificate
  • Normal price: 2675,- /year

Extended Validation SSL

  • EV sertifikat
  • Highest security. For webshops and companies with high level of security.
  • Activation within one weel
  • Encryption of website traffic (https://)
  • The legal and physical existence of the company is validated and documented in the certificate
  • Green address bar in browsers and Google's Certificate Transparency (CT)
  • Normal price: 4990,- /year

What is SSL?

A SSL certificate is a digital verification for your business. It confirms the validity of your company. This increases the safety for everyone who visits you website. Websites with SSL start with https:// instead of http://, and the certificate will be visible in the browser's address bar. SSL encrypts all data sent between the browser and the server. Noone can interpret the encrypted data. This is important when using contact forms, webshops, user names and passwords.

We will help you get started!

You don't need any knowledge to start using SSL. Contact us, and we'll configure SSL for you.

What does SSL mean?

SSL is Secure Sockets Layer. Transferred data is end-to-end encrypted between your computer and the website. This prevents leak of data.

Benefits of SSL

Websites with SSL get higher rankings at Google. Better Google rankings potentially mean more customers! 

When storing information about your customers, newsletter registrations, credit card information and similar, you definitely need a SSL certificate to ensure data will not get in the wrong hands. 

SSL at Uniweb

We use SHA-256 and 2048 bit RSA encryption.