This is a problem with certain file attachments (called MIME) in Outlook Express 6, when they get delivered to your POP3 inbox. Your connection to the email server will stall and you’ll get a timeout.

Solution 1
Download Outlook Express 6 Service Pack 1 from Microsoft. Search for updates in Windows Update.

Solution 2
If you already have Service Pack 1 for Outlook Express: Check if you also have Norton Antivirus 2002 or 2003 installed. If you have turned on autoscanning of incoming and outgoing email, this error may happen. This can also happen if you are using McAfee products. Follow the steps below to turn off email scanning on Norton Antivirus. We don’t recommend turning off antivirus scanning, but you may do this if it’s important to receive email. A better solution would also be to uninstall both Norton Antivirus and McAfee and rather use Windows Defender.

  • Quit Outlook or Outlook Express
  • Start Norton Antivirus
  • Click «Options». If a menu appears; click «Norton Antivirus»
  • In «Internet» section, click «Email»
  • Click checkboxes to remove «Scan incoming Email» and «Scan outgoing Email»
  • Click «OK» and close the window
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