External name servers: Using email on our mail server

Maybe you are using external name servers for your domain. Still, you can use our email services by setting the correct MX record in DNS.

In some cases, customers would like to point their domain to external name server providers for website hosting. This could be WIX, Microsoft or other service providers.

Our name servers are ns1.uniweb.se and ns3.uniweb.se (internal name servers), while WIX’ name servers may be something like ns1.wix.com and ns2.wix.com (external name servers). 

We are the registrar for your domain, and we renew and administer the domain for you, but your website provider would sometimes tell you to use their name servers. This means the domain will not be pointing to our servers anymore.

How to change name servers on your domain? Learn more!

When you have changed the name servers on your domain, there’s a risk that your email will not work anymore. You then have to point your email/MX records to our servers.

How to point email records to our servers: 

1. Access your provider’s control panel.

2. Find DNS settings in the control panel. Please contact your provider if you can’t find it.

3. Add correct MX record for your domain. The record shall be:

yourdomain.se. IN MX 10 mx01.uniweb.se

Host name= yourdomain.se.
Type = MX
Priority= 10
Content: mx01.uniweb.se

When you have added the correct MX record, all email will be delivered to our servers.

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