This guide will show you how to change your existing email account on an Android phone/unit (IMAP account).

The email apps on Android look different, but the settings are the same. This guide is based on the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact email app.

1. Push the three buttons in the upper right corner and select «Settings».

2. Select the gear icon next to your email account.

3. Swipe down and select «Incoming settings».

4. Write the following IMAP server: Please make sure 993 is the «Port». Choose «SSL/TLS (accept all certificates)» on «Security». Select «Done».

5. Swipe down and select «Outgoing settings».

6. Write the following SMTP server: Make sure the «Port» is 465. Select the following in «Security»: «SSL/TLS (accept all certificates)». Push «Done».

The changes are now complete.


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