Change account type from POP to IMAP

If you have configured a POP account in your email client, it could be smart to change it to an IMAP account instead. We recommend using IMAP, because you’ll be able to read and send email on all your devices, such as smartphone, tablet and PCs/Macs.

Read about the difference between POP and IMAP.


When you go from POP to IMAP; do NOT delete the POP account in your email client before you have correctly set up the new IMAP account. If you delete your POP account, you most probably also delete all emails, because POP as standard is downloading all emails from our server and simultaneously deleting the emails on the server. The emails are then accessible only on your local computer.

You first have to set up your IMAP account in the client, and then you must move all emails from your POP account/folders in the client into the IMAP account/folders.

Follow these steps: 

1. Create a new IMAP email account in your email client.

2. After you have created the account in your email client, please check whether the inbox in your new account is empty or not. If it’s empty: Move all email from the old POP account’s inbox to the new IMAP inbox. This can take a lot of time, because all emails will be uploaded to the inbox on our server again.

3. If other folders in your IMAP account are empty (sent items, trash and so on): Move all emails from the respective folders in the POP account into the equivalent folders in the IMAP account. This process will also upload all emails to the respective folders on our server. It could take some time, depending on how many and how big emails you have.

4. When you have moved all emails and folders from the old POP account to your new IMAP account: Please log in to our webmail to make sure your emails and folders are correctly uploaded to our server.

5. When you are finished with this process, you can safely delete your old POP account in the email client.