1. If you are transferring a domain to Uniweb; start the transfer process here.

Write the domain you would like to transfer.

2. When you’ve searched for your domain, please check «Yes, I’m the owner of the domain…» and continue the order process.

3. In the order process, you can either log in to your existing customer account or create a new one.

4. When you have ordered the transfer, please complete by sending us the authorization code for your domain. You will get the authorization code from your current domain registrar.

You can also complete the transfer by logging in to the control panel and choose «Behandle» under services for manual follow-up.

5. When you click «Behandle», you can write either the authorization code or a one-time code as shown below. Then click «Complete transfer».

When you transfer a domain, the name servers will be updated within 24 hours. Existing DNS records will NOT follow the domain transfer. The domain will be set up with our standard DNS records. Please contact us if you need specific DNS settings for the domain. You can also edit DNS records yourself in the control panel when the domain is transferred to us.

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