About us


Who are we?

Uniweb.se is a brand name owned by Digital Garden AS, a company located on the beautiful island of Nøtterøy in Vestfold, Norway.

We are 20 employees working on server operation, support, business development, marketing and finance. Every week, we get better at infrastructure, customer service and expertise - because we systematically map our strengths and weaknesses.

We do everything to accommodate our customers. Customer feedback helps us provide products that are in demand - as well as designing user-friendly systems. Also, we focus on having a reliable, high-performance infrastructure to keep our customers satisfied.

Digital Garden AS is Norway's second-largest ISP (Internet Service Provider) and provider of internet services for all customer groups. We are a NORID / Uninett accredited registrar and register top-level domains across much of the world. We provide services in domain registration, web hosting and email.

After 20 years in the industry, more than 125,000 people use our services. In 2019 we had sales of 42 million kroner.


Our vision is to be first with the new and always have talented employees who enjoy their jobs.

Our vision is rooted in our five core values, which continually drive us forward.

Our core values ​​"FIRST"


We want to be present and accessible by being open and helpful. In this way, we create the climate we want around us.


We are the ones who dare to take the first step and try new ways. We rely on our expertise and abilities. In this way, we seek to inspire others.


We take great responsibility for everything we do, and our customers' trust is the most important thing for us. We always put safety and stability in the driver's seat.


We want to be trendy and fresh in our expressions and offer attractive products.


Above all, we always thirst for improvement. We strive to learn so that we can continuously grow and develop continually.